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About the Author

Personal Info Stuff

My name is Amos Rocke P. Maglalang, although I prefer to be called my middle name, Rock. I do some videos (mostly Brickfilms), and some Lego models. I first started brickfilming in the year 2009, although I didn't even know anything about brickfilms (or that they were even called that). The next year, I started making more of these films, and uploading them to my Youtube account, which was made in the same year.

Aside from this, I also have a variety of hobbies, like writing, drawing, composing music or lyrics for my music (from time to time), and etc., some of which I hope to be able to feature in some of my future videos. To a lesser extent, I also build some non-Lego model kits, play the violin, and having some fun with my airsoft gear.

Equipment and Tools

For those interested, I use an iPad for stop-motion animation. To a lesser extent, I also use an iPhone 5 or an 0+ Android phone, although rarely for stop-motion animation and more for video shooting. Up until 2014, I used to have a functioning Samsung 14-Megapixel camera. For some past films (like the Legend of Braviune short), I was able to borrow a DSLR camera with a Samsung camera remote control.

Since I started brickfilming regularly in 2010, I've used iMovie09 to edit my videos. Because of the software's limits, I employ whatever free pre-keyed or green screen effects I can get for any needed VFX in my vids. I plan to get better software sometime soon. I also use Gimp to make my own visual effects or to mask out photos.



Main channel: rockstone20101

Second channel: rockstone2100

Shared account: brickstone20101.


Main: Legohunter11

Second: LegoDonutCake


Top 5 Favorite Things
 1. My hobbies
 2. Gadgets/Filming equipment
 3. Airsoft weapons and crossbows
 4. Peaceful scenery
 5. Plants and gardening